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3 Ways to Make More Money with Fiverr

3 Ways to Make More Money with Fiverr

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3 Ways to Make More Money with Fiverr

how to make money with fiverr

3 Ways to Make More Money With Fiverr – It’s always good to have extra income apart from your daily work. And even those extra income can become your job, applying some tips like the ones I am going to explain to you in this article today (they were the ones that allowed me to).

Lately making money by offering online services has become simpler. And more with the appearance of Fiverr. In this web usually, services are sold like writing content for blogs, edit images as well as edit video. In addition to many other different services. And it’s really feasible to earn more than $ 1000 a month on Fiverr, but for that, you need to follow a few tips to achieve it.

Of course, if you are not already in Fiverr, register and start working there, it’s free and you can follow the article without problems: Register in Fiverr


How to Make Money on Fiverr?

On Fiverr, you’ll earn at least $4 per Gig (service). When I say minimum is that, minimum; Since the normal thing is to charge more. Actually, a Gig in Fiverr is charged at least $5 but Fiverr always takes a 20% commission (and 20% of $5 is $1). Now, the most important thing that most people in Fiverr fails and is why in the end their business fails is because they are unable to manage the time spent on the Gig. You must be able to deliver the Gig without spending much time on each sale.

For example, say you sell a Gig in which you write articles of 1000 words, obviously you will have to spend a great amount of time in this article and in the end, all you will achieve is $4. So you must keep in mind the time you spend on a task when you offer a service on Fiverr. To understand it better, you only have to offer Gigs with which you feel safe doing them and that you can do in a continuous and repeated way.

Apart from that, some people also sell e-books on Fiverr. That’s a very good way to make money with Fiverr because once you’ve completed the book all you have to do is send the file to that buyer. But the problem with ebooks is that you have to sell many copies of the book to make a good amount of income on Fiverr.

Another way to earn extra money with Fiverr is by offering additional services. For example, if you are a posts writer then you can offer to write a professional text at a higher price. That implies charging an extra price for a longer and more detailed work.

Upsell on Fiverr

Upsell on Fiverr

To be able to sell extras, first, you must have a group of customers who trust in you and in this way want to buy a higher quality Gig. In the long run, once you have developed a relationship of trust, then you can offer your clients the full content and services they need. For example, you can offer them to write all your articles in the future. This will obviously be at a higher price than before.

Create New and Unique Gig in Fiverr

Another way in which you can generate a good monthly income with Fiverr is to offer unique services or tasks normally not done by normal workers. For example, if you discover the need for a type of articles that no one offers to write yet, you can offer such a service. Obviously at a higher price.

Also, you can think out-of-the-box and look for a new way to implement actual services. This is what happened with video testimonials because people are always looking for innovative and unique ideas. This basically means that if you are a person with innovative ideas you can earn a lot of money on Fiverr.

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In the end, it is advisable to find out what task or service you are best at and focus on being the best at that service. If you are a person who can write content and articles, you should focus on those types of jobs on Fiverr. If you do that, you will specialize in that field and it will be easier for you to get more and more customers.

Other than that, you also need to make your work credible and unique¬†on Fiverr. There are many web designers on Fiverr, but if you are a designer who understands the customer’s needs and delivering just what he (or she) wants then you will have secured that customer in the long run.


Use other systems

Do not just try to advertise in Fiverr, create your own personal website and use ads (and content in blogs) to make a personal brand and attract loyal customers to your services in Fiverr. Although it sounds complicated, the effort is worth it, since as I will explain soon in another article, to check if that was true I tried it myself and I managed to grow my sales in Fiverr 545% thanks to driving traffic from a new I created! And if you think that creating a web is complicated, I recommend that you read my free guide, where I guide you step by step to create a website like the one I used to increase my sales in Fiverr (read it here).

However, it is useful to find the right combination of Gigs in Fiverr and do not waste your time on Gigs that take up a lot of time and give you small incomes. I hope this guide helps you make money on Fiverr.

What tricks have you used to grow in Fiverr? Do you offer any services in Fiverr or do you plan to do it?

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