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How To Spot Work From Home Job Scams And Avoid Them At All Costs - aworkonline.com

How To Spot Work From Home Job Scams And Avoid Them At All Costs

How To Spot Work From Home Job Scams And Avoid Them At All Costs?

Maybe you have seen a lot of online scams. Just you have to go to the comments section of every popular blog and you will see things like “Work at home, and earn $1000000 in the first 5 minutes!” or “Don’t do anything and earn $5000!”

You can find online work scams in every place – in your mail, phone, online posts and more.

Sadly, most of the online work you will find are scams.

But, it doesn’t mean all online works are scams.

There are many, many legitime works, where you can work at home. Many of them are good and they will allow you work at home and earn a good income, be your own boss and more. U.S Bureau of Labor Stadistics say 24% of people with work (in USA) did some or their entire work from home in 2015. That number is growing and it doesn’t include self-employed people! Forbes said one in five americans work at home and this data is from 2013. I am sure that number has grown a lot in these 4 years.

But, you have to be careful because for every legitime work there are 10 scam works.

I have some posts about legitime online works (where you can earn real money), if you want to learn more about it:

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  • How to create and launch a successful blog

Scammers know there are a lot of people who would like to work from home so they continue doing these scams.


These are my tips to avoid work for scammers:


Are they promising the world?

If a company is promising you awesome things without give real details about the work, there is a big possibility to be a scam.

If it sounds too great to be true, maybe it is not true.

For example, you could find comments like I have talked previously: “Work from home and earn $1000000 in the first 5 minutes!” or “Earn everyday $5000 without doing anything!”

They are scams (99.9999999% sure).

If you don’t have to work or you have to do very little, probably it is a scam.

Some works they usually are scam are

  • Travel around the world free – I have seen “companies” that offer pay travels around the world for years and in exchange you have to do… NOTHING. Seriously, it sounds so great to be true. Why any company would do this?
  • Build homemade toys – That is a scam where a “companies” offer to pay huge sums of money for build toys at home. Just think about it, why that company wouldn’t have their own factory?


Most of the online scams ask you for a fee

A lot of online works that they are scams ask you for a fee to join their programs, trainning and so on. That is how these scammers make money – asking you for a fee! And, most of the things you buy from them are useless.

That doesn’t means every company who ask for a fee is a scam. There are a lot of legitime business who will ask you for afee, because there are no business who runs for free.

But you have to be smart and know what are you paying for.


Are they asking you to pay something via Paypal?

A business could ask you to pay something via Paypal to start working with them. To make it “easier”, they will send you a link to Paypal in a e-mail.

That is the Paypal scam and I see it everyday.  Since in some of my business I use Paypal, this scam is one I really hate because it make Paypal less trustful. And these scams are more real, more credible everyday, so more people is being caught by these scammers.

This scam asks you to click a link that sends you to the Paypal website.

But the link is not the real Paypal website. Usually, it is a website REALLY similar to Paypal. But in reality, it is a scammer who is trying to steal your username and password and after that just empty your Paypal account.

So, here is how you can protect yourself from this scam:

  • Never click a link you don’t trust. Just go to the official Paypal website and login.
  • Check the e-mail direction. Sometimes, scammers hide their e-mail direction and make it seems like the Paypal direction so sometimes this is not enough. But usually they don’t do that so you will notice quickly it is a fake mail. Just be careful.


How easy is the interview?

When I was younger and I started working on the Internet, I found someone who offered me a job as a programmer. A really interesant job.

We chatted a lot. They offered me a good payment, but one day I received a e-mail asking for a lot of not -necessary information, like my bank account information (they were going to pay me via Paypal, they didn’t need that!).

Then I thought it was too strange. We had never meet, the interview was really easy and they didn’t need that information. They offered me more money if I gave them that information. Finally, I answered them they seemed like a scam company, and I never heared from them again.

These online work scams usually happen when you apply for a job and the manager says to you-you have the job without do any effort to get the job. There are no interviews (or they are really easy), the job is well pay, with good benefits and so on.

That is how they catch you. After caugh you with these promises they ask you a lot of personal information that it is going to be used to do the paperwork, do a deposit and so on. Meanwhile many legitime works need that info, if you get easily a job that seems too good to be true, you should be really carefull with the information you give. At least, try to talk with the person who is asking for and research for the company.


Do you remember to have registered there?

Some online scams just exist to get your information. If you don’t remember to have registered in a company, just ignore their mails and don’t click anything!

These online scams hope to get your information. They know there are a lot of people looking for a work for a lot of time and they would do everything for a job – and they use this to catch you.

If the company contact you and you didn’t contact them previously, you should be careful.


Do they offer huge payments?

Few time ago a friend of mine told me that in a Facebook group about finances someone had offered him $3000 just for do “mystery shopping”. The business ask him for personal data to send him a payment of $3000 and he should spend half of it in a shop they will tell him and the other $1500 were for him as payment.

That is a big scam There is no “mystery shopping” companies who will pay you $1500 just for a job like that.

Mystery shopping is a fun way to earn some extra money, but it is not a way to be rick quickly. As average, mystery shopping companies pay between $3 and $100. And bigger payment, more you will have to work to get it.


Then, how to find legitime online works?

If you want to find legitime works between all these scams you have to be sure to investigate the business.

If you are afraid to be scammed, you should do the following things:

  • Research the business on Internet. Maybe someone has said it is a scam. I usually look for something like: “Company name + Scam“.
  • Be always careful if they ask you for a fee.
  • Before giving any personal information, be sure they are legitime.
  • Never click on links or download in any suspicious e-mail.

And above everything, always trust your gut! If you feel something is not trustful, just move on and look for another work.

Have you ever found a scam on Internet? What legitime work you do?

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