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5 Killer Tips To Boost Your Productivity - aworkonline.com

5 Killer Tips To Boost Your Productivity

Tips to Boost Your Productivity

I don’t know if sometimes you feel useless meanwhile you see another people being more productive than you, being more useful. Maybe, that feeling did you think about relaxing few minutes, just because “then I will come back relaxed and I will work better”, but after that “relax time”, you just procrastinated. And in that way, before you realize it, you have lost a day. Trust me, I have lived too many days like this! But, you are lucky, you just need few tips, tricks, to solve that problem and boost your productivity. They are just small changes, but you know, small changes can create big things.

Take a look at these 5 tips to boost your productivity (they helped me to complete my ToDo list every day!):

Put together similar tasks

A MIT neuroscientist (this is the original source: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=95256794) said the brain is not able to do two things at the same time. Maybe you think the same, maybe not, but one thing is true: if you try to do two different tasks at the same time, you will end tired and without giving your best in both activities.

So, the solution? Don’t try to do two different tasks at the same time, just put together similar tasks and set a time to complete them. For example, if you have to check your mail and also answer some of them, they are two similar tasks, so you can do it at the same time. Set one hour to complete it and just give your best. Seriously, that really works! At that way, you are able to do two (or more) tasks at the same time and giving your best in all of them (and obviously being more productive).


Look for a coach

Just search a bit about things that successful people do. You will realize they have business coaches. Why someone who is successful would want to pay to another person to learn how to be successful? Long story short, because it works.

I think everyone needs someone with experience to help to look problems in a objective way and also to give you support when you are starting to feel useless or not productive. Seriously, I didn’t think it worked but I decided to give it a try and yes, it worked. So, if yu have the opportunity, try it, you won’t lose anything.


Remove distractions

As I have explained before, the brain is not able to manage two different situations at the same time. So if you have distraction close to you, your brain will understand they are tasks and it will try to manage them. It sounds obvious but if you want to increment the productivity, remove everything that can distract you.


Reward yourself if you finish a big task

I read an article in the entepreneur.com website that said a reward is the biggest motivational agent to boost the productivity in a person. A reward can be anything that gives you a satisfaction: a motivational speech, new clothes, etc…

Just be sure to give a reward with the same “size” of your task. In other words, if you have finished writing a post, buy a new car is not the best prize.


Develop a need

If you develop an urgency feel to finish something, you will have a really good way to motivate yourself. Something like “I have X minutes to end this”. You will be amazed how your productivity is increased with something as basic as this.


In summary

These are some ways I use to boost my productivity and they worked on me. I hope they will be useful for you, but also, I would like to hear another technique you have used! Just post a comment below, you don’t know, you could help another one in the process of increase his/her productivity!

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